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Wish it didn't have to be done, but it does.

Just comment here to be added, I'll have my security guards do a weapons check, and you'll be in! :D

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Anyone who'll actually see this...xD

I'm actually afraid to check and see how long it's been since my last entry. I feel lazy, but really, I just have nothing to say. Life has just been life. It's not bad, but it's not enthralling, so there's really been nothing to write about. (Though Fanime is coming up in a few weeks. Maybe I'll actually post some pictures from that one...)

But, anyway. If anyone's, if anyone /would/ still be reading my journal if I was writing anything, I have a most excellent idea. I've been thinking about starting a separate LJ where I would write my own reviews of movies, music, TV and books I like-predominantly really dark or weird ones. And I would entitle myself "The Chaos Critic". XD
So just wondering, if I did start something like that, who out there would read it? I'm doing it regardless, but I'd be honored to get a headcount. I'm not going to attempt to be Internet-famous at all, it would really just be something people I already know online and in real life would read. Just for fun and to get myself writing again for once. Sounds good, right? *squee*

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You know it's the first week back at school when you feel like yelling at books. That...that made more sense in my head? Well, maybe you're just generally not the happiest and yelling at everything? Or since you're at school, you're sick of being around so many books?

I don't know. Anyway...

As far as I can tell every written story about a person who's quieter than most and happens to be more comfortable expressing their feelings online than to someone's face follows this formula:

"Their parents were right. There was something wrong with them. But now they've been fixed, they made "real" friends and have a social life and everyone likes them, because there was clear evidence that everyone actually hated them the clearly dysfunctional way they were! And they even have a nice significant other now and GASP! THEY LOST THEIR VIRGINITY! ALL 16-YEAR-OLDS HAVE TO DO THAT!"
I feel bad refusing to read the last part of my new book, but I won't be able to do it without cringing every 10 minutes.

Here's a summary of the first chapter: Younger, un-favorite sibling. Perfectly nice. Seems fairly smart. Not athletic and keeps to himself. Actually writes in a witty blog online when his parents think he's just using Facebook. Called "spineless" by his father, used to be beat up by his athlete brother regularly, (who also tells him online friends aren't real friends), his family in general treats him like he never leaves the house and interacts with human beings, and his mom ends up sending him to a camp that helps kids who spend too much time online "really live." And apparently his job at the library doesn't count as getting out of the house to her, because that's just not what normal teenagers do.

Well, gosh! He sure isn't pleased to be at this camp, and doesn't seem to realize that his way of life is a sickness of the mind! Will the counselors get through to him and teach him how to live his life in the proper, mandatorily-extroverted way? If it works for "straight camps", it sure as heck ought to work here, that's what they say!

Skimmed it and skipped to the end. He gets a girlfriend. That's nice, nothing wrong with that. He is amazed by the interactions he has with her. I'm sure he makes some non-imaginary friends too. At the end, he talks about how he might not leave his bag on the seat next to him on the bus, so someone might sit next to him, or listen to his iPod less so he can talk to people. That sounds perfectly good, too, but it's clear the ultimate turnout is "Look, he's fixed! He works like a normal human being now!" Is it seriously impossible to just write a normal story about someone whose life is slightly different than the majority's without trying to "change" them? We're not sociopathic hermits, for crying out loud. We're people. Normal young people who spend our lives and make friends in different ways, and contrary to popular belief, generally don't spend our time sadly wishing we were extremely popular, loved by everyone around us, and better than we supposedly are.

Oh, also, his parents were apparently popular and loved by the entire school. As is his brother. And they JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND why he isn't having people cheer his name at sports games. But he's fixed now. No worries!

I'd vouch for this to be considered a form of discrimination. Just saying. Now back to my imaginary friends.
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I'm doing stuff!

Guess what, everyone who's read my TV Tropes page aka: Jesse and people who haven't, too.everyone else

Seeing as I need to start writing as a whole again, both for fun (no profit, sadly) and on LJ, I'm going to start creating a image-based, webcomic type thing with images from Sims 2 and Sims 3. Here. In my journal. Based on my original story. (

I'm doing this out of awesome fun and inspiration for myself, so I won't be extraordinarily bothered if no one reads it.

But it would still be awesome if they did, too. \o/

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Okay. Coming home and seeing that a good friend of mine, who is can be emotional and has contemplated suicide several times, has deleted both her Facebook and LiveJournal without warning and is offline?

Not making me the least worried person in the world.

If you ever reactivate your journal and see this, shurvey, I'm sorry for putting you on the spot like this, but I really, really hope you're okay. I'm sure you're probably just going through something and you don't want to deal with people right now, but my mind leaps to the worst conclusions. I know we haven't talked in a long time, and I'm sure that's my fault, but I do often check up on you. Be well, alright?

<3 <3
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"Here, we witness the dreaded homosexual in its natural habitat, initiating its overly friendly mating ritual towards a member of the notably more domestic heterosexual species. Be forewarned. Leaving your heterosexual in the company of a wild homosexual for too long may result in their being dragged to the rape basement and/or catching the DREADED GAY themselves."

Man, I love the fifties. XD