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ladysylvan's Journal

Glitter mixed with rock and roll~
21 October 1992
I'm occasionally awesome.

But jes' occasionally. :D



1984, 9, a clockwork orange, alan moore, amanda fucking palmer, animated movies, antique fairs, bioshock, bottle caps, bridge to terabithia, bubbles, buffy the vampire slayer, caffeine, christopher plummer, computer animation, computers, concerts, coraline, cosmetics, cthulhu, cuddling, cute pop stars, daft punk, disney, district 9, don bluth, dorky clothes, dr. facilier, drawing, emilie autumn, energy drinks, escapism, esther coleman, european history, evelyn evelyn, eversion, evil dictators, family guy, fanfiction, fanvideos, finland, flake lorenz, goth, gothic fiction, grammar, guitar hero, h.p. lovecraft, headbanging, hellboy, history, horror, hunchback of notre dame, iconography, imagination, iming, incense, inglourious basterds, internet, jackie earle haley, jonbenet ramsey, ke$ha, kimya dawson, korpiklaani, lady gaga, leaping down stairs, leena klammer, lgbt community, lolcats, lolspeak, lordi, lovecraft, making friends, malcolm mcdowell, manowar, marilyn manson, metal, metalocalypse, monk, moshing, mr. rape face, nazi germany, neil gaiman, nightwish, norse mythology, not sleeping, occultism, opera, opeth, orphan, paganism, pencil art, pencil drawing, phineas and ferb, pins and buttons, pixar, post apocalyptic, prawns, princess and the frog, procrastinating, prose edda, quentin tarantino, rammstein, renaissance faires, repo! the genetic opera, rocking, rorschach, rule 34, running around, sabaton, scandinavia, shane acker, sharlto copley, shyness, sid vicious, sims 3, slash, slashfiction, south park, spinny chairs, spiritualism, squee, stefani germanotta, sue destroyers, tara gilesbie, tarja turunen, team fortress 2, tf2, the apocalypse, the other wiki, till lindemann, tim burton, torrenting, trogdor the burninator, tron, true blood, tv tropes, tvtropes, united states of tara, watchmen, weeds, wolfenstein 3d, world of warcraft, world war 2, writing, ww2, yaoi, yuri, zack snyder, zombies, zydrate